Neighborhood Watch


An image of the in-game building rotating from the top view to a side view. An image showing when a player clicks on a wall, then a window, an inside view is shown.


In Neighborhood Watch you are tasked with finding the various objects that your tenants have left around the building. You know your building well and rely on your memory to provide them with the location. This is a memory game where the players first see all sides of the building, then must select the correct side of the building for each object. Selecting an incorrect side gains the player a strike, 5 strikes and the game is over. You receive more points for getting a streak of first tries.

About Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch was created in one semester for a college game design course. The limitations on this project were that it had to be made for tablets and mobile devices and created for the demographic of ages 60+. We focused on multiplayer with younger grandchildren.

This project was created by a team of three, myself, artist AJ Hambly, and programmer Alex Jagim. If I were to describe my role for this project I would say it was "visual effects integration" or something like that. I programmed in Unity and I created minor art in Photoshop and Illustrator. My favorite thing I made for this project was the building perspective change which you can see best in 4-player mode. Despite having the illusion of a 3D world this game is entirely 2D, I transformed and translated sprites so it looks 3D.