House at Night


An image of a window with a moon. An image of a bedroom doorway. An image looking up at stairs from the bottom. An image of a low-lit kitchen. An image of a hallway with a clock.


Download Windows

Download Mac

How To Play

Walk using the W A S and D keys and look around with the mouse. Put an object in the center of the window and press E to hear its sound. There is no objective, just walk around and make sure nothing has changed around you...

About This Project

This game, informally titled House at Night, was created for a course on sound design. The objective was simply make a soundscape based on an environment of your choice.

I made this game in only 48 hours, time I alotted for a project much smaller in scale. I came up with this idea late at night, as one does, and knew I had to pursue it to some degree. I modeled the stairs and railings in Blender, purchased furniture assets from End Up Gaming and made the project in Unity 3D, scripted in C#.